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6 - 13 September | 2009 | Primo?ten | Croatia



Conference Series on Cell Biophysics


Living cells are immensely complex systems which are active and far from equilibrium ? all these makes unravelling the physics underlying the working of cells very challenging.

Part of the challenge is to bring together the disparate communities with complementary skills who are all interested in the cell. The aim of this conference series is to bring together the very best minds in physics, chemistry and biology for a fruitful exchange of ideas. We propose to provide an environment where scientists from different backgrounds will be able to exchange ideas, develop a common vocabulary, and define questions of mutual interest for future cooperations. As a result, clear research goals and directions should emerge, with the final aim of understanding the mechanisms important for cell functions in a quantitative and fully controllable manner.


The title of the first conference of the series, which we dedicate to Prof. Sackmann on the occasion of his 75th birthday, is:

Physics of Cells: From the Edge to the Heart


The tentative titles of the subsequent conferences are:

? Control of membrane mediated intracellular trafficking through

elastic and thermodynamic force

? Control of genetic expression by interplay of cell signalling cascades and material properties


The first conference in the series will serve to establish contacts between the various communities, and to summarize recent progress on various aspects of cell structural elements.

The subsequent meetings will continue to be highly interdisciplinary and focus on the working of the cell. In addition they would be open up further towards potential applications. The exact focus of the future conferences, however, is expected to emerge and evolve depending both on the feedback from the current conference and, to remain at the cutting edge of current science, from the future developments in the scientific field. The organizing committee for subsequent conferences will be formed during the current conference.




Physics of Cells: From the Edge to the Heart (PhysCell2009) is the first conference in the EMBO conference series on cell biophysics.

It will be held in Primosten, Croatia between 6 - 13 September, 2009.

The aim of this first meeting is to bring together eminent researchers that are working to understand how the cell maintains its structural integrity, internally and in response to the environment.


This first conference will be organized into 6 major topics:


Cell adhesion, the actin cytoskeleton and cell mechanics


Membrane structure, including mimetics and the extracellular matrix




Cells on patterned substrates


Mechanics of bio-molecules


Active systems and motility

The role of these elements in the bio-mechanical response of the cell through the local ligand-receptor interactions and the active regulation the cell recognition process will be discussed. We will attempt to provide a comparative presentation of different approaches starting from theoretical and computational/in-silico, over the bio-mimetic, to in-vitro experiments with cells and tissues, in order to understand the repercussions on the in-vivo systems. In doing so, we hope to stimulate exchange of ideas between theorists and experimentalists, and between the physicists, chemists and biologists, who approach this interdisciplinary subject from differing perspectives.

We also hope for extensive participation from young and emerging scientists, who would benefit vastly from exposure to this exciting gathering. The conference became an integral part of the biophysics postgraduate studies at the Technishe Universit?t M?nchen and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit?t M?nchen, Germany. However, we invite students and post-docs from all institutions to come and present their work



This 1st conference of the series is dedicated to Prof. Erich Sackmann on the occasion of his 75th Birthday... be ready to party.


We look forward to seeing you in Croatia in September '09!

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We recommend visiting the: European Biophysics Congress in Genoa (11th-15th July, 2009):



PhysCell2009 is supported by the following Journals:

Soft Matter
European Physical
Journal (EPJ)
ChemPhysChem will feature a collection of articles dedicated to the 75th birthday of Prof. Erich Sackmann in its November issue. For further information go HERE
Journal of Cell Science



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